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The Youth Services Center serves young people ages 11 to 24 through programming that includes socioemotional learning and competencies, academic enrichment and support, career development training, college readiness and success, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), trades exploration, and entrepreneurship.

Our Approach

We recognize that the foundation of a healthy, fulfilling adulthood is built during the critical adolescent development period. Our programming is based on a positive youth development framework. Our staff are committed to helping youth understand and manage their emotions, build or strengthen supportive relationships, improve responsibility and decision-making, seek help when needed, and plan for a hopeful and fulfilling future.

Our Programs

We offer a comprehensive set of age-appropriate programs that includes small group sessions, one-on-one meetings, academic enrichment and career development assistance. We meet students where they are and aim to help them thrive academically, socially and emotionally, with the goal of preparing them to compete in a fast-paced and an increasingly global economy.

Our programs include:

Project Ready Middle School is a program that prepares students for the transition to high school and builds an early foundation for college readiness. Students participate in a series of activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), financial literacy, career development, trades and social/emotional development and learning. This program operates in multiple schools throughout the City of Chicago and South Suburbs during the school year. Learn more.

Project Ready High School is a program that assists 9th and 10th grade students in acclimating through high school by equipping them with age-appropriate life skills designed around STEM, high school success, college readiness, academic achievement, cultural awareness & advocacy, social development, and workforce readiness. Learn more.

Project Ready College is a program designed to assist rising high school seniors through college graduation and offers STEM-focused activities. Our college readiness program is offered in school-based and community-based settings. Learn more.

Mentoring is a program developed in response to the challenges facing urban youth residing in segregated neighborhoods impacted by poverty, crime and limited opportunity. Significant effort has been made to develop positive youth development programming that assists early-to late adolescents, 11- to 24-year-olds, in successfully navigating this rocky period of growth. Learn more.

Scholarship Program is open to any recent high school senior or returning student up to 21 years old continuing their post- secondary education. Scholarship awards range from $500 to $5,000. Applications open each spring. Learn more.

Internships are offered to our Project Ready High School and Project Ready College youth. The paid and unpaid internships will allow our students to gain valuable work experience in the areas of carpentry, data management, entrepreneurship, real estate, and various other disciplines. Learn more.

EmpowerYouth! is a partnership with Lyric Opera of Chicago that engages Black youth in a non-academic performing arts program that results in a culminating performance each year. Learn more.

Digital Literacy is a Chicago Urban League outreach program to assist CPS families and community members with digital literacy support. Learn more.

Career Readiness is offered through the Chicago Urban League to all middle school and high schoolers. Career readiness is presented differently depending on the group. Learn more.

Summer Immersion is a seven-week summer program for youth between the ages of 11 – 18. Learn more.

Trades Instruction Program (T.I.P.) is for youth between the ages of 12-19. This program provides youth the opportunity to be introduced to all trade professions, particularly carpentry, hair braiding and welding. Learn more.

Environmental Justice Academy provides participants with skills to identify their environmental challenges and accomplish their communities’ environmental improvement goals. Learn more.

Civic Engagement is the foundation on which the Chicago Urban League exists today.  We have made the commitment and are dedicated to bridging the divide that exists. Learn more.

Youth Summit is the largest yearly convening for middle school and high school youth in the Chicagoland area. The purpose of our youth summit is to help our youth learn from experts of a given field and be able to take away information, learn a skill, share ideas and thoughts, as well as participate in specialized programming. Learn more.

HOPE Chicago – The Chicago Urban League is a community partner with HOPE Chicago on their Parent Scholar Program. Learn more.

To learn more about any of our programs, contact Angela Hamilton, Vice President, Youth & Family Services, at


For Parents

We believe that a stable, productive household is a key factor in supporting healthy youth development. To improve our youth’s chances for success, we offer a Parent Empowerment Program that is designed to strengthen the home environment by providing targeted support to parents and guardians.

Learn more about the Parent Empowerment Program.

Our Partners


Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Department of Family and Support Services




Overall Sponsors




Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League

Women’s Board of the Chicago Urban League

Jack and Jill Chicago Chapter

Major, Lindsey, and Africa


Witherite Law Group

Hope Chicago