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Project Ready College is a program designed to assist rising high school seniors through college graduation. We provide students with the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to complete college. The program focuses on college admissions, financial aid and scholarship preparation, enrollment, persistence, and career success. The program also features health and wellness workshops, financial literacy, in- and out-of-state college tours, and other skills-building activities.

As our youth begin their college career journey, we know our youth are prepared as they have participated in our college readiness programming. We send them off with a trunk, that has all of the essentials necessary for a good start. We set meeting times to monthly to discuss the rigor of college, their ability to handle assignments, the process of and selecting new classes, the peer pressure of college and of course all the fun and level of independence that is associated with college. Our team works to obtain professional mentors from companies where there is synergy and opportunity. We also assist with internships.

Our college readiness program is offered in school-based and community-based settings. School-based participants meet a minimum of once per week for one hour, while community-based participants meet monthly for four hours per session throughout the school year for scheduled educational programming.

The program culminates with our Annual Trunk Party and Scholarship Luncheon.

For more information, please contact Nakia Samuels, Senior Program Manager, at