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Thank you for your questions. While we received all questions, we will answer them in phases.


  1. May we have a list of departments within the Chicago Urban League?   
  • Development 
  • External Affairs 
  • Accounting 
  • Workforce Development 
  • Center of Entrepreneurship & Innovation 
  • IMPACT Leadership Development 
  • Housing 
  • Youth Services 
  • Facilities 
  • Human Resources 


2. Are there any technology commitments/arrangements we should be aware of? IE: A company sponsored a specific program or room, we committed to using their technology.   





  1. Any plans to move the organization to one vendor for computer equipment? For example laptops, desktops one vendor versus multiple vendors. 

 We currently have no plans to move to one vendor. However, we are open to discussing options that would be both cost-effective and meet the varying needs of our departments.





  1. Does the Urban League deploy staff mobile phones? 

 The Chicago Urban League provides mobile phones to 11 of its 68 staff members. All staff members have the 3CX softphone application installed on their laptops and/or mobile phones. 


2. How many physical phones do you have? 

 We currently have 50 – 60 landline phones. 


3. Is the 3CX phone system being supported through your current provider?  



Onsite and Remote Support 

  1. How often does the organization require on-site support on a monthly basis? How many hours per week do you need someone onsite?

While the need for onsite support varies week to week, we anticipate needed onsite support no more than 8-16 hours per week. 

 2. What is your expectation of IT support regarding support time? 

We would expect a prompt response from support during our weekly hours of operations. 


 3. How long do you expect to wait for IT support once you submit a ticket? 

 We would expect an immediate response if contacted via phone or email. 


4. Do you currently submit tickets to your current IT vendor? If so, how long does it take for them to respond? 

 Yes, we do. It takes them about 10 minutes or less. We usually get through to a support specialist fairly quickly when we need assistance. 


5. Currently, many of the staff work remotely, are you looking for on premise support to take place at the headquarters office and anyone needed on premise support that works remotely would bring the system to the headquarters or are you looking for support at remote locations? 

Staff who require IT support that cannot be provided via remote access of their device will bring their assigned device into our office for onsite support. 


Servers/Operating Systems/Network 

  1. Total amount of servers?  

We have 3 servers. 

2. Do you have VPN infrastructure for remote workers? 


3. You currently have one offsite backup server.  Are you looking to replace this backup solution since you are looking for recommendations for Backup Management and Disaster Recovery. 

We would like to keep backup off-site but are open to discussing potential vendors/solutions. 



Cyber Security 

 1. Does your current vendor provide Cyber Security Services?  




Critical Software 

  1. CUL utilizes Blackbaud’s Raisers Edge and Blackbaud Financial Edge.  Is CUL looking for the successful vender to support the Blackbaud applications or will support for Blackbaud be by Blackbaud directly.  If you are looking for the selected vendor to support Blackbaud do you have a contract with Blackbaud that would provide phone or remote support to the support vendor? 

We receive support directly from Blackbaud. 


2. Do you have a premise version of Blackbaud or do you use the cloud/hosted version of Blackbaud.