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by Daina Wilson and Ezekiel Stevens

Today we attended 2 seminars that were about cleaning & development of China’s environment. In this seminar we learned about the many things China has been doing to change their ecosystem. The second seminar was about the US-China Relations. We discussed how the US are allies with China throughout the different ways. The ultimate questions was will China & the US remain friends & enemies or one of the choices.
One of our fun workshops for today was Paper Cutting Art. We learned about the various designs Chinese cut out and the meanings of each. The most traditional paper that people use is red paper because it means purity. We made 2 different paper arts. One which was a design that meant double happiness. Our second one was a fish which means happiness. This brought a new experience to everyone in the room and it made me think about the creativity that we now have gained.
After that we spent the rest of the day shopping at Hufeng Street in Hangzhou, China. We were exposed to the extreme bargaining culture in China which was amazing by the way. We were given two hours to get a lot of different items such as ropes, scarfs, and fans. After that we were given a chance to eat at McDonald’s which we all got the famous Big Mac’s. Although it was a Big Mac with the same ingredients, we all agreed it tasted better!