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Day 4 Student Mission to China 2018

by Carail Weeks and Malik Moore

Day 4 began with our last breakfast in Beijing. We were then on our way to Hangzhou by way of a bullet train. Though the train station was very crowded we were able to make our way through with no problems. The train ride was six hours and during our ride we talked, sang songs, shared snacks and taught our Chinese hosts Henry and Wendy how to play an American card game.

Once we arrived to Hangzhou our Chinese student ambassadors greeted us with a very warm welcome. You could tell by their reaction that they were so excited to see us. Shortly after we were on our way to the Wanxiang Polytechnic campus where we will spend the next few days learning more about the culture of people in Hangzhou.

After a quick check in we were then treated to a dinner and performances as part of a welcome ceremony specifically for our Chicago Urban League Ambassadors. We felt very special as the red carpet was rolled out for us all which included photos and gifts for us. The performances included singing, rapping and dancing by the Chinese student ambassadors and concluded with our group performing karaoke and sharing with them our talents.

We ended the evening by wishing one of our chaperones Jimi Orange a happy birthday. Our day four was filled with much celebration and we look forward to our time here in Hangzhou.