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CUL Students Blog about Adventures in China – Day 10

The Chicago Urban League is proud to announce that it is once again hosting a student mission trip to China! For the next two weeks, 24 CUL students are being immersed in the Chinese culture, customs and cuisine. This is a journey is an adventure of a lifetime that is sure to change their lives.

The great news is that we get to be a part of their journey through the blogs they are writing. Check out the 10th entry below:


Wednesday June 29, 2016

Waking up to an alarm at 6:30am so that we could get dressed because we had to be downstairs at 7:45am. The breakfast was more like dinner; we had rice, noodles and bread. While on campus today we had a seminar about China’s clean energy status, where we learned the different types of energy and why people choose to use one source over another. The class was really interesting because we learned about the challenges that China is facing with pollution and how they are trying to come up with solutions to solve their environmental problems. We also watched a video on how dams are made and the different stages and steps it takes to build them and it’s quite the process if we should say so ourselves.

After having lunch at 12:00pm we left the campus to visit the XiXi Wetlands Museum. This tour was very exciting. Outside was lovely with the tadpoles and flowers making the garden look beautiful. Dinner was similar to how it usually is, but we soon left to go make baskets. The basket weaving workshop was fun but also very difficult, but we still tried to finish. At the end we were told it takes up to six months to master basket weaving. Today ended up being pretty fun, but we can’t wait to go home in 3 short days!! 😄

~Alexis Lomax & Jordyn Riley