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Criminal Justice Coordinator


Title: Criminal Justice Coordinator FLSA: Exempt
Department: Workforce Development  

Primary Function

Under the direction of the Vice President of Workforce Development, the Criminal Justice Coordinator is responsible for educating and providing resources to address legal challenges faced by many Chicago Black residents. This position will work with juveniles, young and emerging adults, and the general population. The initiative will focus on providing services for those that are:

•          In police custody

•          Facing criminal charges

•          On probation or parole

•          Formerly incarcerated

•          Returning citizens; and,

•          Any person or organization that advocates on behalf of this population

The person will be a critical part of a team developing and advising strategies to assure goals are met.

Duties and Responsibilities


Public Outreach 20% (8hrs wk)

  • Utilize social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the program.
  • Collaborate with partner agencies, community and faith-based organizations, local government and non-government entities, and schools to provide “Know Your Rights” workshops and information sessions.
  • Assign staff to canvass targeted neighborhoods, stores, and community centers. In teams of twos or threes, staff will utilize strategies such as walking through the neighborhood, engaging youth and adults in conversation about the program, as well as distributing brief, easy-to-read, colorful flyers or brochures.
  • Involve participants as ambassadors on the outreach team. Encourage them to speak positively and honestly about their CJI experience.
  • Attend meetings, conferences, and seminars as requested

Program Implementation 35% (14hrs wk)

  • Serve as the point of contact for the implementation of CUL’s Community Justice strategies
  • Educating at least 10,000 Chicagoans in the participating wards with a robust and on-going Know Your Rights curriculum and communications strategy.
  • Work at the ward-level by leveraging each community’s knowledge of its own assets and needs.
  • Providing in-police custody legal representation to over 2,500 people.
  • Connecting at least 500 citizens who are affected by these issues, to additional services such as:
  • Legal services that fall outside of the purview of FDLA but that would address the collateral consequences of arrest and incarceration such as housing, family, employment, credit and other legal issues that serve as a gateway into the criminal justice system
  • Supportive services that seek to address the various needs of people who have criminal records such as workforce development, housing, transportation, food, education, and more.
  • Will work diligently to ensure that the residents of that ward receive training on their rights as an American citizen, specifically with respect to encountering law enforcement agencies and with respect to their rights under the law, if they have criminal records.
  • Will also provide referrals to additional types of legal counsel.
  • Inform, coordinate, and assist with expunging criminal record.
  • Create and provide a list of available resources to justice involved individuals.
  • Act as a service navigator for this population by connecting them to services and resources that are of particular benefit to the CJI demographic.
  • Assist with anti-recidivism and community reentry programming.

Marketing/Sales 30% (12 hrs wk)

  • Represent and market Workforce Development services and programs
  • Secure feedback from each community event via electronic survey tools
  • Assist in the drafting and editing of marketing and promotional materials
  • Establish a marketing/promotions time table for each community event
  • Collaborate with External Affairs Department to ensure proper branding and to establish social, print, radio and T.V. media campaigns

Data Analysis/Reporting 10% (4 hrs wk)

  • Communicate trends and insights gleaned from public and private sector contacts regarding criminal justice initiatives to colleagues on a timely basis
  • Compile other related reports as needed

Administration/General 5% (2 hrs wk)

  • Secure Letters of Commitment from partner organization as needed.
  • Ensure proper documentation of participant engagement, workshops, and community events.
  • Attend meetings, conferences, and professional development workshops as assigned.
  • Accept and perform other work as assigned


Perform other duties as assigned.



This position requires the individual to work closely with the Workforce Development staff and while taking direction from the Department Vice-President. He/she must possess great attention to detail and have strong organizational skills. This individual must understand, maintain, and uphold the mission and vision of the Chicago Urban League.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in General Studies, social science, psychology, criminal justices, or similar fields.
  • Three years of experience in community-related or social service work.
  • Knowledge of community challenges and priorities.
  • Demonstrated ability to gather and assess data, identify patterns, and develop recommendations.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate in verbal and written forms to produce reports and make presentations.


  • Must have adequate transportation and insurance – travel is 30% of the job.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and clear driving record.

Reports to

Vice President of Workforce Development